Saturday, 8 September 2012

Latest work and news

Too busy to write!! The Association of Sussex artists exhibition was very successful - I sold all my pottery fish and a Lion Cubs at Play print. Best of all, 'Little Girl Lost' was again voted as favourite picture! Although I have been told it is all on the website, it seems this is unavailable at the moment because of technical problems. Never mind. I am very pleased.
I recently finished another child picture, thanks to a friend, Chris, and her holiday to Rajastan. A friend with her, Frank Newhofer, a fabulous photographer, has allowed us to use some of his photographs. I was inspired by this child's concentration. In the original, she had a hearing aid but I felt I just wanted to capture her listening. That is what I have called it...' Listening'
I am in the Gallery on Thursday 13th, demonstrating to some school children and then in to work on the 19th.
Next exhibitions are the Weald of Sussex in Burgess Hill, Martletts Hall, 16th - 19th October, and Sussex Pastel Group, St Mary's Church Hall, West Chiltington on the following weekend, 27th and 28th October.

Monday, 16 July 2012

Dad and Daughter doodle.
I spent all day Saturday in the Corn Exchange in Brighton, (along with several hundred others from various Community Groups), promoting Brighton and Hove Arts Council and the South Downs Art Association!. We had pictures on show and were doing some of our own work as well as encouraging visitors to have a go on our 'Doodle ' sheet.
Met lots of lovely people who wanted to chat and managed to do some work of my own (Did portrait of Hilary....get in touch Hilary if you would like your portrait!). Artists from the Dupont Society as well as Chris Jenny and Phillipa from South Downs, bravely painted live.
 It would have been a better experience but was spoilt by being deafened by the distorted sounds from the live stage, where recitations and music were being performed. The microphone was so loud that sounds were painful, echoed badly,  and you could not hear the performers properly. Also could not hear the people you were talking to and others were leaving to escape the dreadful noise!!! Ended up with cotton wool in our ears and  headache! Shame for the performers although some of the work reportedly (by those who could hear them)  contained obscenities, probably best left unheard. 
Phillipa and Jenny in the Corn Exchange
Great experience overall, especially when the sun shone and it was buzzing outside and in. Best bit - meeting people.

Tuesday, 10 July 2012

Well - long time since I posted. I had a wonderful week relaxing on a tiny island off the coast of Portugal...Never heard of Portuguese islands. Neither had I. Armona island.... look it up. What a delightful spot to chill. We stayed in the Beach House, the last house before the sand dunes and beach and right on a tidal lagoon! Wonderful and thanks to Jill Hersom on Owners direct! and

This week, until SUNDAY15th July , I am exhibiting with the ATTIC CLUB in Ditchling Village Hall. It is a lovely venue and the quality of the work is very high.

Next weekend, Brighton and Hove Council are holding an Olympic Torch Celebration culminating in the torch arriving in Hove on Monday afternoon and leaving Brighton on Tuesday morning. They are having a community PEOPLES DAY on Saturday with lots going on in the centre of town, New Road, Pavilion Gardens area, and I am going to be in the Corn Exchange with some art groups and the Arts Council, painting and chatting and showing some work. Hope to see lots of people then.

Just finished a still life.... inspired by lots of textures and the need for something simple. have plans for a series using some of my pottery selection. Pot  and Feather 1,  £300

Sunday, 10 June 2012

A Glance sideways - sculpture in exhibition
The first weekend of our OPEN STUDIO at 28 St Peters Road, Burgess Hill has gone well. Lots of visitors  who especially liked our home made cakes on sale in aid of the SUSSEX AIR AMBULANCE. We have a Private View on Tuesday evening so hope to see lots of our friends then.

Tuesday, 22 May 2012

After a brilliant but exhausting weekend in Shropshire (Discovered a) Shropshire is a very beautiful and  little celebrated County b) it has hills more challenging than the downs!!) it has taken a while to recuperate and get back on track . I had to decide on which pictures to enter for the Attic Club exhibition in Ditchling in July and which to save for Burgess Hill open studios. I have made a choice but.... The picture I have called 'Imagine', I first called 'Age - Less'. It features a statue of John Lennon, a lovely young ballet dancer and a very bent old lady... life at its beginning, end and suspension perhaps. Any ideas for better titles would be gratefully accepted. I have bookmarked it for the Attic club

Thursday, 10 May 2012

Flyers and BHOS

Shoreham Gallery was really quiet on Monday - yet another damp cold bank holiday! Some of the artists popped in - Neal bought in a fabulous new sculpture of a dog.... I'm sure it will sell quickly. The new flyers arrived on Tuesday - I'm so impressed with the printing company www.firstprint They are brilliant value. I keep recommending them to various art groups I belong to- the only trouble is, they then ask me to sort out their flyers! My Poppies 2 picture looks great on the flyer!
My next big exhibition will be with Burgess Hill Open Studios ( I.m in a house with 4 other artists, which should be great fun. Apart from me there is Suzanne Bench, Genevieve Levy, Chris Roberts, Audrey Turner and Alison Warner. We are at 28 St peter's Road and open on the 9th 10th, 16th and 17th of June. We will be selling refreshments with scrummy home made cakes with all profits going to the Air Ambulance.
I need to decide which pieces to show and which to hold back until July. I welcome any advice. Go to my website and let me know what you think!!
I have a finished piece (Age -Less) and a painting of white tiger cubs I am working on that I think I will keep for the Attic club, but I have not put them on the website yet. Must do that.
We are walking in Shropshire at the weekend so need the sun to shine PLEASE. looking forward to the good company with nice pubs to relax in!!

Sunday, 6 May 2012

Winning the BHAC cup

Me, with the winning picture and cup
What a wonderful boost to my ego - my last picture was voted 'Picture of the Year' at Brighton and Hove Arts Council exhibition in the Friends Meeting House in Brighton, for my picture, Little Girl Lost! My picture 'Poppies 2' got a lot of votes as well so thanks to all those lovely people who voted for them.I now have a beautiful cup to polish. I did not sell the picture so I am taking it in to The Shoreham Gallery (27, Brunswick Road BN43 5WA) tomorrow. If you want to come and have a chat with me, I will be there from 11  until 4, on stewarding duty.
Poppies 2 , pastel (£250)
The Gallery is a great place to find a diverse collection of art by local artists - we are a collective so run it ourselves and there is a different artist every day on Duty. I'm hoping the weather will not put people off - I was on duty for Easter Bank Holiday Monday which was cold and wet. Shoreham could have starred in a scene from 'The Living Dead' as only a few brave souls were rushing about under their brollies.
We braved the weather this morning and rode the Harley to Eastbourne as our HOG chapter 1066 was starting the parade for the 'Magnificent Motors' event. How sad that all the effort by so many people is blighted by cold and wet. Well done for the few supporters who watched the parade and for all the hardy souls in the event park. Sorry we left early as we needed to thaw out.